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Steps for the HighScore Developer (Chris)
Trail: Security Features in Java SE
Lesson: Implementing Your Own Permission
Section: Putting It All Together

Steps for the HighScore Developer (Chris)

The steps Chris would take, after creating the HighScore and HighScorePermission classes, are:

Compile the Classes

javac HighScore*.java -d .

Place the class files in a JAR File

jar cvf hs.jar com/scoredev/scores/HighScore*.class

Create a Keystore and Keys for Signing

keytool -genkey -keystore chris.keystore -alias signJars

Specify whatever you want for the passwords and distinguished name information.

Sign the JAR File

jarsigner -keystore chris.keystore hs.jar signJars

Export the Public Key Certificate

keytool -export -keystore chris.keystore
    -alias signJars -file Chris.cer

Supply Files and Information Needed by Game Developers and Users

That is, supply them

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