Connect dialog

Use the Connect dialog to connect to a different End User Layer. This dialog also appears when you first run Discoverer Administrator. You cannot work in Discoverer Administrator unless you are connected to an EUL.


  • When you connect to Oracle Applications EULs, the Connect dialog prompts you to enter your Oracle Applications connect details, (see the Status area in the Connect dialog). If Discoverer is not configured to use Oracle Applications EULs, you must reconfigure your Connect dialog. Choose Tools ¦ Options to configure Discoverer to connect to Oracle Applications EULs.

For more information, see:

"Differences with the Discoverer Connect dialog in Oracle Applications mode"


Use this field to enter your authorized database user name.


Use this field to enter authorized database password to match the user name.

Passwords are case-sensitive in Oracle databases (Enterprise Edition release 11.1 or later).


Use this field to enter the name of the database that you are connecting to.

Oracle Applications User

This optional check box is displayed when Discoverer is configured to use both standard Discoverer EULs and Oracle Applications EULs.

If you DO NOT want to connect to an Oracle Applications EUL, make sure that this option is NOT selected.

If you DO want to connect to an Oracle Applications EUL, make sure that this option is selected.

Connect button

Use this button to connect to the database using the connection details entered.

Note: You cannot be connected to more than one End User Layer at a time. When you establish a new connection, all open business areas close and the connection to the current database terminates. You are prompted to save any changes before the new connection is established. If the new connection fails, you remain connected as the original user id.