Item Class Wizard: Step 1 dialog

Use this dialog to choose the type of item class that you want to create. For example, to choose to create a list of values (LOV) that Discoverer end users can use when choosing parameter values to restrict workbooks.

For more information, see:

"Maintaining Items and Item Classes"

Select item class attributes:

List of values

Use this check box to create a set of the unique values that exist for an item. The values correspond to those found in a database column.

Alternative sort

Use this check box to sort items by criteria you define. Items are normally sorted in ascending or descending order according to ASCII sort values. Sometimes, however, you might want to sort data objects in an alternative order. For example, you might want to sort sales regions North, South, East, and West in that order, so the alternate sort order would be North=1, South=2, East=3 and West=4.

Drill to detail

Use this check box to allow users to drill from summary information into more specific information. These items do not need to be in the same folder.


  • To create an alternative sort order, you must first add a column to the database table containing the column to be sorted.

  • The item to be sorted with an alternate sequence must be contained within the same folder as the item providing the list of values for the item class. An item class containing an alternate sort sequence must also contain a list of values.

  • A one to one relationship must exist between the item used for the list of values and the item used for the sort order.