Open Business Area dialog

Use this dialog to specify which business areas you want to open in the Discoverer Administrator Workarea. For example, you might want to work with your own business area and the Video Stores Tutorial business area.

For more information, see:

"What are business areas?"

"Loading from the online dictionary"

"Loading from a Gateway"


This list displays business areas that are available. To open business areas, move the business areas from the Available list to the Selected list.


This list contains the business areas that will open in the Workarea. If you do not want to open business areas in this list, move these business areas from the Selected list to the Available list.


  • You can select more than one business area by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking another business area.

  • You cannot open the same business area twice. If you select a business area that is already open in the Workarea, the Open command will have no effect. To see another view of the same business area, choose New Window from the Window menu to display another Workarea window.