This image shows the Security page of Portal Builder Administration. It includes two tabs: Roles and Users and Groups. The Roles tab is shown. There are two buttons at the top of the page: Revert and Apply. Next to the buttons is a help icon. On the Roles tab, there is a Create Role button, followed by a table with two columns: Permissions and Roles. The Roles column includes subcolumns for each role (Administrator, Application Specialist, Public-User, and Authenticated-User. The Permissions column includes a row for each permission, grouped by area—Portal Server (which includes Manage All, Manage Configuration, and View), Portals (which includes Manage All, Manage Configuration, Manage Membership, and Create Portals), Portal Templates (which includes Manage All and Create Portal Templates), Pages (which includes Create, Edit, and Delete Pages; Delete Pages; Edit Pages; Customize Pages; View Pages; and Create Pages), and so on. In the Roles columns there are check boxes that show which permissions are included in each role.