8.2. Configuration Properties

public boolean getMultithreaded ();
public void setMultithreaded (boolean threaded);
public boolean getIgnoreCache ();
public void setIgnoreCache (boolean ignore);

The PersistenceManager interface includes "getter" and "setter" methods for two configuration properties: Multithreaded and IgnoreCache. These properties are discussed in Section 7.2.2, “PersistenceManager and Transaction Defaults”. The PersistenceManager's IgnoreCache setting is passed on to all Query and Extent instances the PersistenceManager creates.

public void addInstanceLifecycleListener (InstanceLifecycleListener listen,
    Class[] classesOfInterest);
public void removeInstanceLifecycleListener (InstanceLifecycleListener listen);

These methods allow you to add and remove listeners that are notified when managed instances change lifecyle states. The lifecycle event framework is discussed in detail in Section 4.4.2, “InstanceLifecycleListener”. When adding a new listener, you can supply an array of persistent classes that the listener is interested in. The listener will only receive events for these classes and their subclasses. If the given array is null, the listener will receive events for all classes. The types of events the listener receives is based on the InstanceLifecycleListener sub-interfaces it implements.


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