Oracle Coherence (Coherence) is a JCache-compliant in-memory caching and data management solution for clustered Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications and application servers. Coherence makes sharing and managing data in a cluster as simple as it is on a single server. It accomplishes this by coordinating updates to the data using clusterwide concurrency control, replicating and distributing data modifications across the cluster using the highest performing clustered protocol available, and delivering notifications of data modifications to any servers that request them. Developers can take advantage of Coherence features using the standard Java collections API to access and modify data, and use the standard JavaBeans event model to receive data change notifications.


This guide is for software developers and architects who will be integrating Coherence with TopLink-Grid, JPA, Hibernate, Spring, Coherence GoldenGate HotCache, and WebLogic Portal.

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