8.7 Configure Oracle Data Integrator Console

You can configure Oracle Data Integrator Console from Fusion Middleware Control to define the linking between Fusion Middleware Control and Oracle Data Integrator Console.

By default, the fields on this page are populated with the Oracle Data Integrator Console host, the Oracle Data Integrator Console managed server port, and the default context root. If your Oracle Data Integrator Console must be accessed with a different configuration, you can change the configuration on this page.

The steps for this process are:

  1. Navigate to the ODI Agent home page.

  2. From the Agent menu, select Administration > ODI Console Administration.

  3. Enter the following parameters:

    • Host: The name of the server where your application is deployed

    • Port: The HTTP listener port number

    • Context Root: The Web application's context root

    • Protocol: The protocol for the connection

  4. Select Enable ODI-ESS Integration features in EM to activate the ODI-ESS Integration features in Fusion Middleware Control.