Oracle Fusion Middleware Tag Reference for Oracle Team Productivity Center Connectors
12c (12.1.2)
Oracle Team Productivity Center UI tag --<LovDef>
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Tag name: <LovDef>

The LovDef tag is used to define a List of Value in connector model file.

Code Example(s)

      <LovDef name="statusLOVDef" list-source="bugstat" source="STATUS">
            <Map listFieldRef="STATUS"  fieldRef="STATUS"/>
            <Map listFieldRef="STATUS" fieldRef="STATUS"/>
            <FieldRef name="STATUS"/>  
            <FieldRef name="SDESCRIP"/>


Name Type Default value Required? Supports EL? Description
nameStringYYSpecifies the name of the Lov. It is unique at the work item definition scope.
list-sourceStringYYSpecifies the name of the data source to retrieve the LOV dataset.
list-criteriaRefStringYSpecifies the name of the criteria defined in the list data source to use as part of query in LOV dialog page.
sourceStringYYSpecifies the name of the Work item field to be rendered as a listOfValues UI control.