Oracle Fusion Middleware Tag Reference for Oracle Team Productivity Center Connectors
12c (12.1.2)
Oracle Team Productivity Center UI tag --<Map>
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Tag name: <Map>

The Map tag defines a mapping relationship between a field in the Lov list data source and a work item field a LOV definition.

Code Example(s)

<Map listFieldRef="LOOKUP_KEY"  fieldRef="GENERIC_OR_PORT_SPECIFIC"/>


Name Type Default value Required? Supports EL? Description
listFieldRefStringYYThe name of the field defined inside the list data source.
fieldRefStringYYThe name of the work item field defined in the work item fields sections.
dependbooleanfalseYThis attribute is used to build a dependent search relationship between a work item field and a field in LOV list data source. Valid values are true and false. The search will not be performed if there is no submitted value for the work item field if the value is set to true.