This graphic has on the left the label "Untrusted" bounded by a dotted line. To its right is a box labeled "Firewall" and above it is a box labeled "Load Balancer." To the right is a column of two-sectioned boxes labeled "HTTP Server" and "Proxy Plug-in." This column of boxes is labeled "Web Layer" and is surrounded by a dotted line labeled "DMZ." To the right of this column is a column of pentagons labeled "Servlet/Object Cluster." Each pentagon contains the labels "JSP," "Servlet," "EJB," and "JDBC." To the right of this column is a database.

Clients points through the Firewall to Load Balancer. The Load Balancer points with three arrows to the Proxy Plug-ins of each of the HTTP Servers. The Proxy Plug-ins point to each of the pentagons in the Servlet/Object Cluster and then to the database.

A dotted-line oval labeled "Trusted (internal)" points to the bottom two pentagons in the Servlet/Object Cluster.