3 Examples for Java EE Web Service Developers

This chapter describes the samples and related information that is available to assist you in learning more about WebLogic Web services.

This chapter includes the following sections:

Samples for WebLogic Web Service Developers

Oracle provides a variety of code samples for Web services developers. The samples and tutorials illustrate WebLogic Web services in action, and provide practical instructions on how to perform key Web service development tasks.

Web services samples include:

Oracle recommends that you run the Web service samples before programming your own application that use Web services.

Web Services Samples in the WebLogic Server Distribution

WebLogic Server optionally installs API code examples in the EXAMPLES_HOME\wl_server\examples\src\examples\webservices directory, where ORACLE_HOME represents the directory in which the WebLogic Server code examples are configured. The default path is ORACLE_HOME\user_projects\applications. For more information about the WebLogic Server code examples, see "Sample Applications and Code Examples" in Understanding Oracle WebLogic Server.

Avitek Medical Records Application (MedRec) and Tutorials

MedRec is an end-to-end sample Java EE application shipped with WebLogic Server that simulates an independent, centralized medical record management system. The MedRec application provides a framework for patients, doctors, and administrators to manage patient data using a variety of different clients.

MedRec demonstrates WebLogic Server and Java EE features, and highlights Oracle-recommended best practices. MedRec is optionally installed with the WebLogic Server installation. You can start MedRec from the ORACLE_HOME\user_projects\domains\medrec directory, where ORACLE_HOME is the directory you specified as the Oracle Home when you installed Oracle WebLogic Server. For more information, see "Sample Applications and Code Examples" in Understanding Oracle WebLogic Server.

Additional Web Services Samples Available for Download

Additional API samples for download can be found at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/indexes/samplecode/index.html. These samples include Oracle-certified ones, as well as samples submitted by fellow developers.