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What's New in This Guide for Release 12.1.3

1 Getting Started with Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration

2 Working with the Oracle Healthcare Adapter

3 Working with Document Types and Protocols

4 Working with Endpoints

5 Working with Callouts

6 Working with Mapsets

7 Working with Internal Delivery Channels

8 Working with Dashboards

9 Working with Reports

10 Configuring Alerts and Contacts

11 Viewing the Healthcare User Audit Trail

12 Managing the Repository

13 Configuring System Settings

14 Provisioning Users

15 Enabling Web-Service-Based Message Exchange in Oracle Healthcare

16 Oracle Healthcare Command-Line Tools

A Back-End Applications Interface

B Creating Endpoints with Different Transport Protocols

C Managing Message Sequencing

D Interface Sequencing

E Implementing MLLP with High Availability

F Batching HL7 Messages

G Configuration for Functional Acknowledgment 999

H TA1/999 Generation on Error for HIPAA Documents

I Implementing SNIP Validation in HIPAA

J Improving Endpoint Scalability by Using NIO

K Audit Reference for Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration

L B2B and Healthcare Domain Topology Best Practices

M Instance Tracking and Error Hospital Integration