6 Post-Installation Steps

This chapter describes the post-installation steps that you must perform after installing Oracle API Catalog.

This chapter includes the following sections:

6.1 Start the Administration Server and Log Into the Oracle API Catalog Web-based Console

After configuring your application server, follow these steps to start your application server and log in to the Oracle API Catalog web-based console.

  1. Start the Administration Server. See Section 3.3.1, "Starting the Administration Server".

  2. Start the Oracle API Catalog managed server. See Section 3.3.2, "Starting the Managed Server".

  3. Point your browser to the Oracle API Catalog application.

    For example: http://myserver.domainname.com:8111/oac/

  4. On the login screen, enter admin for the Username and weblogic1 for the Password. This is the default administrative account installed with Oracle API Catalog. You are forced to change the default Administrator password on the first successful login to the Oracle API Catalog web application. You can change the default password through the User menu, accessible by clicking the name of the currently signed-on user, in Oracle API Catalog at a later time.

  5. Click Login.

    The Login Stats dialog displays a welcome message that includes the date and time of your login.

  6. Click Close.

    For more information about using the Oracle API Catalog console, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle API Catalog.

6.2 Use the Oracle API Catalog Diagnostics Testing Tool

The Diagnostics tool allows testing and troubleshooting of certain aspects of Oracle API Catalog, including testing for:

  • Checking Product Version Information

  • Servlet Functionality

  • Required Libraries

  • Database Connectivity

  • List System Paths

  • Run Pre-Compile Servlet

The Oracle API Catalog diagnostic tools are available only when using an application server JVM parameter for security reasons. To enable the Oracle API Catalog diagnostics features, use the following parameter:


This parameter can be added to the application server's environment in various ways. For WebLogic Server, edit the ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/DOMAIN_NAME/bin/setStartupEnv.sh or *.cmd file and add -DdiagPagesEnabled=true to the EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERITES="${EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES} line in this file. Restart the Oracle API Catalog managed server.

To launch the Diagnostics tool, navigate to the http://host_name/oac/diag/index.jsp page of the Oracle API Catalog console. For more information, see "Password Encryption" in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle API Catalog.

6.3 Next Steps

Refer to the following documents for information about Using Oracle API Catalog:

Refer to the following documents for more information about using Oracle API Catalog: