This image shows the OHS Instance page. At the top of the image is the standard header information, including the component domain name ("base_domain") and other system information.

Beneath the header information is the label OHS Instances. Below that are instructions for using the page. Beneath those instructions are the Create and Delete icons, indicated by a plus sign next to the word create and an X next to the word Delete; the delete icon is disabled.

Beneath these icons is a portion of the instances list. The list is comprised of three columns, labeled, left to right, Name, Status, and Machine Name. The Name column shows the names of three Oracle HTTP Server instance, ohs1, ohs2, and ohs3. The Status column shows an up-arrow for each instance, indicating that the instances are active. The Machine Name column shows the name of each machine to which the respective instance is associated, in this case, my_Machine-1 for each instance.