5 Web Service MakeConnection Policy Assertion Reference

The chapter provides reference information about web service MakeConnection policy assertions in a WS-Policy file for WebLogic Server 12.1.3.

This chapter includes the following sections:


This section applies only to JAX-WS web services, and not to JAX-RPC web services.

Overview of a WS-Policy File That Contains MakeConnection Assertions

You use WS-Policy files to enable and configure MakeConnection on a web service. Use the @Policy JWS annotations in the JWS file that implements the web service to specify the name of the WS-Policy file that is associated with a web service. A WS-Policy file is an XML file that conforms to the WS-Policy specification at http://www.w3.org/TR/ws-policy/.

The root element of a WS-Policy file is always <wsp:Policy>. To configure web service MakeConnection, you simply add a <wsmc:MCSupported> child element. The policy assertions conform to the WS-PolicyAssertions specification.

WebLogic Server includes default WS-Policy files that contain typical MakeConnection assertions that you can use if you do not want to create your own WS-Policy file. The default WS-Policy files are defined in "Pre-Packaged WS-Policy Files for Web Services Reliable Messaging and MakeConnection" in Developing JAX-WS Web Services for Oracle WebLogic Server.

For task-oriented information about enabling and configuring MakeConnection, see "Using Asynchronous Web Service Clients Through a Firewall (MakeConnection)" in Developing JAX-WS Web Services for Oracle WebLogic Server.

The following sections describe how to create a WS-Policy file with web service MakeConnection assertions that are based on WS-MakeConnection specification at http://docs.oasis-open.org/ws-rx/wsmc/200702.

Example of a WS-Policy File With MakeConnection and WS-Policy 1.5

The following example shows a simple WS-Policy file used to configure MakeConnection for a WebLogic web service. It specifies support for WS-Policy 1.5.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<wsp15:Policy  xmlns:wsp15="http://www.w3.org/ns/ws-policy" 
  <wsmc:MCSupported wsp15:Optional="true" />

Element Descriptions

The element hierarchy of web service MakeConnection policy assertions in a WS-Policy file is shown below. Each element is described in more detail in the following sections.



Groups nested policy assertions.


The presence of this assertion in a WS-Policy file indicates that the corresponding web service uses MakeConnection as the transport model.

The following table summarizes the attributes of the wsmc:MCSupport element.

Table 5-1 Attributes of <wsmc:MCSupport>

Attribute Description Required?


Specifies whether MakeConnection must be used by the web service client. Valid values for this attribute are true and false. Default value is true. If set to false, both ReplyTo and FaultTo headers must contain MakeConnection anonymous URIs.