4.2 Connection Configuration

The Oracle JCA Framework requires a JCA adapter that is deployable on a J2EE 1.4- (or later) compliant Application Server, for example, Oracle WebLogic Server. Hence, any JCA adapter used with the Oracle JCA Framework must implement all the relevant JCA SPI (Service Provider) and CCI (Common Client) interfaces as mandated by the JCA 1.5, specification, principally the following:

  • javax.resource.spi.ManagedConnectionFactory

  • javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory

  • javax.resource.spi.ManagedConnection

  • javax.resource.cci.Connection

The JCA adapter must define the necessary connection properties in its ManagedConnectionFactory to establish a functional connection to an EIS (Enterprise Information System, or "back-end").

Properties in the ManagedConnectionFactory enable the Oracle JCA Framework to obtain a connection via a deployed JCA Adapter. Example code is:

ConnectionFactory cf = initialContext.lookup("eis/Siebel/SiebelApp1-Connection");
Connection c = cf.getConnection();

All connection properties are retrieved through the JNDI lookup contained in the ConnectionFactory instance.