1 Primary Considerations for Developing Custom Technology Adapters

This chapter discusses the aspects that you must consider before you begin developing custom technology adapters.

Oracle JCA-compliant adapters enable you to integrate your business applications, and provide a robust, lightweight, highly-scalable and standards-based integration framework for disparate applications to communicate with each other. You can create your own Custom Adapters and runtime components, based on your own requirements.

The Custom JCA Adapter wizard is a generic adapter wizard that reads and displays its interaction/activation specs, properties, and default values from a configuration file. The user employs the design time facilities of JDeveloper to use the wizard, select the specs, override the default property values, and add new properties to the adapter.

This means that the Custom JCA Adapter must obtain information from the user and use that information to create a WSDL file and a JCA file containing the interaction/activation specs and properties that are required by the runtime adapter.