4.4 Constructing the WebLogic JCA Resource Archive RAR

To deploy a JCA adapter on a WebLogic Application Server, the user must create a Deployment Descriptor file that defines the following properties:

  • The display name

  • The adapter vendor

  • The EIS/back-end type

  • The version numbers

  • The class name of adapter implementation of javax.resource.spi.ManagedConnectionFactory

  • The class name of the adapter implementation of javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory

  • The class name of adapter implementation of javax.resource.cci.Connection

  • The names of all bean properties exposed in the ManagedConnectionFactory implementation.

The deployment descriptor only defines an instance of <outbound-resourceadapter> because the inbound JCA runtime container is directly managed by the Oracle JCA Framework rather than by the Oracle WebLogic Server.

The deployment descriptor file (ra.xml) must be archived into a RAR file (resource archive), which then can be deployed using the WebLogic Server Console or through scripting.

The RAR file that the user deploys must have the following structure:


The adapter.jar file contains the implementation of the JCA adapter, and dependencies.jar contains all dependent Java libraries that are not implicitly provided by the WebLogic Application Server.

Once these constituent files have been placed in the above directory structure, you can create the RAR file using the command:

$ jar cf myAdapter.rar META-INF/ra.xml adapter.jar dependencies.jar

See the appendix for a list of jar files that are required to compile a project.