3.1.10 Extending CommonAdapterSchemaPage or CommonAdapterInOutSchemaPage

Many adapter wizards enable the user to chose a single schema or request/reply schema to define the messages used by the adapter.

These wizards extend the CommonAdapterSchemaPage (for adapters with one-way operations) or CommonAdapterInOutSchemaPage (for adapters with both one-way and request/reply operations), with options related to Schema (typeChooser, NXSD wizard, opaque schema, and WSDL generation).

The CommonAdapterSchemaPage class extension only needs to implement getIntroPrompt() to change the introductory text at the top of the page.

See oracle.tip.tools.ide.pm.wizard.adapter.custom.CustomSchemaPage for an example.

The CommonAdapterInOutSchemaPage has several public methods that you can override. See the following table.

Table 3-3 CommonAdapterInOutSchemaPage Public Methods

Method Description


Changes the introductory text at the top of the page.


Sets the label for the Inbound Schema Panel.


Sets the label for the Outbound Schema Panel.


Changes the sequence of display of Inbound and Outbound panels. Default display is Inbound schema panel first.


Sets or unsets schema panel visibility.

See oracle.tip.tools.ide.pm.wizard.adapter.mq.MQAdapterInOutSchemaPage for an example.