3.1.2 Extending the JCA Adapter Wizard Class and Implementing its Abstract Methods.

You enable Adapter wizards to use the JCA Adapter Framework by extending this oracle.tip.tools.ide.pm.wizard.adapter.jca.JcaAdapterWizard class and by implementing its abstract methods.

Abstract methods in this class include getAdapterTypeString() and getWelcomeMessage, which fill in text needed for the generic wizard pages.

The abstract method addInitialWizardPages() adds Adapter wizard pages. This method should only add initial pages; that is, pages that are always navigated to regardless of user input.

The initial pages usually start with the JcaServiceNamePage, a ConnectionPage (if a connection is needed), and a WsdlSelectionPage (if supported by the adapter; see detail below).

If your adapter does not support the WsdlSelectionPage, the last initial wizard page will probably be an OperationPage.

User input on the WsdlSelectionPage and the OperationPage can modify the navigation in the wizard (that is, it can modify which pages are displayed) and additional wizard pages are added when the user chooses the NEXT button on those pages.

You can optionally override public methods in JcaAdapterWizard.These include:

  • Override getAdapterSpecificContext to register an adapter-specific method that can be available on all pages.

  • You can register an AdapterWizardFinishInterface to be invoked when the user selects the Finish button. You register the interface by overriding the getAdapterWizardFinish method in your JcaAdapterWizard extension class.

  • You can override readJCADataModel to access your own data model rather than using the default data model. However, this is not recommended.

See oracle.tip.tools.ide.pm.wizard.adapter.custom.CustomAdapterWizard.java in <JDEV_HOME>\jdeveloper\integration\adapters\samples\custom for an example of overriding public methods.