4.3.2 Removing the BISystemUser Policy using a WLST Script

This topic describes the procedure to remove the BISystemUser policy using a WLST script.

To remove the BISystemUser policy:
  1. Copy the BIPRemoveJMSResourcePolicy.py script from the following location:
    (UNIX) NEW_ORACLE_HOME/bi/modules/oracle.bi.publisher
    (Windows) NEW_ORACLE_HOME\bi\modules\oracle.bi.publisher
  2. Go to NEW_ORACLE_HOME/server/bin directory.
  3. Set the WLS environment. Enter
    source ./setWLSEnv.sh
  4. Run the script to remove JMS Resource policy. Enter
    java weblogic.WLST BIPRemoveJMSResourcePolicy.py <WL Admin Username> <WL Admin Password> <Admin Server URL: t3://localhost:port>
  5. Sign in to the WebLogic Console and verify whether the policy is removed.