B.1 Configuration Failure with TRANSFORMBAREXCEPTION

The 12c configuration might fail with a TRANSFORMBAREEXCEPTION error, if any objects in the catalog are older than Release You can confirm the need to update the catalog items by viewing the metrics in Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. In the Catalog folder, find a metric called Reads Needing Upgrade with the description "The number of objects read that required upgrading." If the number is large, then you can resolve this issue by updating objects in the catalog using the Administration page in Presentation Services.

To update the catalog:
  1. Sign in to Oracle BI EE with administration credentials.
  2. In the global header, click Administration.
  3. Click the Scan and Update Catalog Objects That Require Updates link.
  4. Click Update Catalog Objects to begin the update process.
    Click the other links on the page to see which objects were updated and which were not. You can view the log files for details on objects that were not updated.
Restart Oracle BI Presentation Services using Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control.