4.2 Migrating Scheduler Jobs and Job History

After migrating the 11g configuration to a new 12c environment, you must migrate the scheduler jobs and the job history data from the 11g BIPLATFORM schema to a 12c BIPLATFORM schema. You can connect to 12c BIPLATFROM schema through SQL*PLUS or any other tool and execute the script.

The bip_12c_scheduler_migration.sql script requires the user ID, the password, and the connection string for 11g BIPLATFROM schema. The script creates a database link called BIP11g_DBLINK and imports all schedule objects using that link. You must have Database Administrator privileges to run the script.


You cannot migrate scheduler data from DB2 and SQL Server databases. You can migrate scheduler data only from Oracle databases.
To migrate scheduler jobs and job history:
  1. The bip_12c_scheduler_migration.sql script is available in a zip file format called BIP12CUpgrade.zip which is located in the following directory:
    (UNIX) NEW_ORACLE_HOME/bi/modules/oracle.bi.publisher
    (Windows) NEW_ORACLE_HOME\bi\modules\oracle.bi.publisher
    Replace NEW_ORACLE_HOME with the actual path to the 12c Oracle home you created when you installed the 12c software.
  2. To use the bip_12c_scheduler_migration.sql script, decompress the BIP12CUpgrade.zip file by entering the following command:
    unzip BIP12CUpgrade.zip
  3. Change directory to NEW_ORACLE_HOME/bi/modules/oracle.bi.publisher/BIP12CUpgrade.
  4. Run the bip_12c_scheduler_migration.sql script by entering the following command:
    mysql -u <username> -p bip_12c_scheduler_migration.sql
    When prompted, enter your password.
  5. Enter the command-line parameters 11g_RCU_SCHEMA, 11G_PASSWORD, 11G_CONNECTION_STRING, and 12C_BIPLATFORM_SCHEMA.

    SQL > @bip_12c_scheduler_migrationg.sql 11g_userid 11g_password 11g_connection_string

    SQL> @bip_12c_scheduler_migration.sql 11g_RCU_USERNAME 11g_PASSSWORD 11G_hostname.us.oracle.com:1521/orcl.us.oracle.com 12C_BIPLATFROM_SCHEMA_NAME
    System output:
    old 1: &&1
    new 1: adc00ccq_biplatform
    old 2: &&2
    new 2: welcome1
    old 3: '&&3'
    new 3: 'bipdev4.us.oracle.com:1521/ora11g.us.oracle.com'
    old 4: '&&4'
    Database link created.
    9979 rows created.
    9769 rows created.
    9739 rows created.
    4159 rows created.
    6 rows created.
    6 rows created.
    6 rows created.
    Commit complete.
    Database link dropped.

After the import operation completes, the database link is deleted.