3.10 Enabling Oracle Hardware Acceleration and Compatibility Mode

Hardware acceleration affects the autocompletion of features such as dashboard prompts, trellis charts and microcharts, Summary Advisor functionality, and aggregate persistence for the TimesTen In-Memory database. Therefore, you must manually enable the bi:hw-acceleration flag in the 12c bi-config.xml file post-migration. You must also enable the bi:compat-mode-11g flag, so that the state of the 11g system is preserved at run time.

To enable the bi:hw-acceleration flag:
  1. Locate the bi-config.xml, available at the following location:
    (UNIX) 12c_DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/biconfig/core/bi-config.xml
    (Windows) 12c_DOMAIN_HOME\config\fmwconfig\biconfig\core\bi-config.xml
    Replace the value of DOMAIN_HOME with the path of the Oracle BI domain on the 12c system.
  2. Locate the following:
    Replace it with the following:
  3. Locate the following:
    Replace it with the following:
  4. Save and close the file.