3.2.1 Migrating the Security Configuration for Oracle BI with Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle BI 12c is tightly integrated with the Oracle Fusion Middleware Security architecture and delegates core security functionality to components of that architecture. By default, an Oracle BI installation is configured with an authentication provider that uses the Oracle WebLogic Server embedded LDAP server for user and group information. The Oracle BI default policy store provider and credential store provider stores credentials, application roles, and application policies in files in the domain. You must manually migrate the security configuration for Oracle BI from the 11g system to the 12c system with Oracle WebLogic Server.

To migrate the security configuration for Oracle BI:
  1. Examine your Oracle BI 11g WebLogic security configuration by accessing the Oracle BI 11g WebLogic Console to examine the current security configuration for security providers.
  2. Manually configure the same security configuration in WebLogic Console of Oracle BI 12c.