B.5 Verifying File Data Sources in Oracle BI Publisher

While generating reports, if you encounter an error stating oracle.xdo.XDOException: File does not exist or is not readable:..., you might not have copied the supporting XML files to the 12c system. To solve this issue, manually validate that the path for each data source points to the appropriate directory on the 12c system.

To validate paths for the data source names:
  1. Sign in to Oracle BI Publisher.
  2. Go to File under Data Source on the Administration page.
    On the File page, you can see the directory path for each DSN.
  3. Check whether the file is pointing to the correct 12c directory.
  4. To change the directory path, click the DSN.
    You see the Update Data Source page.
  5. Enter the correct and the complete path of the top-level directory and click Apply.