3.1 Migrating Catalog Groups

Catalog groups are a feature of Oracle BI EE that allows administrators to organize users and application roles for security administration purposes.

In Oracle BI 11g releases, catalog groups primarily allowed for backward compatibility with earlier releases. In 11g releases, you were encouraged to migrate to and use the more powerful application roles feature for organizing and managing users.

In Oracle BI Release 12c, catalog groups are deprecated. Migrate all catalog groups to application roles, by entering commands such as the following ones:

./runcat.sh -cmd report -offline DOMAIN_HOME/bidata/service_instances/ssi/metadata/content/catalog -forceoutputFile /tmp/catalog_groups_privilege_references.txt -type "Security ACL" -fields "Path:Privilege"

./runcat.sh -cmd report -offline DOMAIN_HOME/bidata/service_instances/ssi/metadata/content/catalog -forceoutputFile /tmp/catalog_groups_names.txt -type "Accounts" -accounts "group;;*" -fields "Account Name"


Replace the sample names in the previous examples with names appropriate to your system.