3.2.5 Migrating Oracle BI Server Configuration

Various files for the BI Server contain configuration information: NQSConfig.INI, odbc.ini, and tnsnames.ora. The NQSConfig.INI file sets parameters on startup, which customize the action of an individual installation. The file contains configuration details that aren't managed by the Fusion Middleware Control. The odbc.ini file contains non-Oracle data source (DSN) connection information. The tnsnames.ora file contains network service names mapped to connect descriptors for the local naming method, or net service names mapped to listener protocol addresses. You must examine these 11g files and manually copy the configuration information to the respective 12c files.

To migrate the BI Server configuration details:
  1. View the configuration information in the server section of the 11g NQSConfig.INI file present at the following location using the cat command:
  2. Copy the appropriate configuration information from the 11g NQSConfig.INI file to the 12c file.
  3. View the BI Server information in the 11g odbc.ini file present at the following location:
  4. Copy the BI Server configuration from the 11g odbc.ini file to the 12c file.
  5. Copy the contents from the 11g tnsnames.ora file present at the following location to the 12c file and make the 12c-related changes: