2.1 Prerequisites

Ensure that you configure the environment as per Oracle recommendations in readiness for the migration.

Make sure that you have met the following requirements before proceeding to the migration procedure:
  • You have an 11g certified GA release or later installed.
  • You have the 12c software installed as per the instructions in Installing Oracle Business Intelligence in Installing and Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence.
  • You have file system permission on both the 11g and 12c systems.
  • You have configured the WebLogic authentication chain to enable the 11g users to sign in to the 12c domain. For more information, see Configuring Authentication Providers in Administering Security for Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (12.2.1).
  • You have stopped the 12c BI instance, in case it is running. The BI instance should not be running before migrating content into the new 12c instance.