5.2 Performing Additional Domain Configuration Tasks

Review additional configuration tasks you will likely want to perform on a new domain.

Table 5-2 Additional Domain Configuration Tasks

Task Description More Information

Deploying Applications

Learn how to deploy your applications to Oracle Fusion Middleware.

See Deploying Applications in Administering Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Adding a Web Tier front-end to your domain

Oracle Web Tier hosts Web pages (static and dynamic), provides security and high performance along with built-in clustering, load balancing, and failover features. In particular, the Web Tier contains Oracle HTTP Server.

To install and configure Oracle HTTP Server in the WebLogic Server domain, see Installing and Configuring Oracle HTTP Server.

See also Installing Multiple Products in the Same Domain in Planning an Installation of Oracle Fusion Middleware for important information.

Tuning and configuring Coherence for your topology

The standard installation topology includes a Coherence cluster that contains storage-enabled Managed Coherence Servers. This configuration is a good starting point for using Coherence, but depending upon your specific requirements, consider tuning and reconfiguring Coherence to improve performance in a production environment.

For more about Coherence clusters, see Configuring and Managing Coherence Clusters in Administering Clusters for Oracle WebLogic Server.

For information on tuning Coherence, see Administering Oracle Coherence.

For information on storing HTTP session data in Coherence, see Using Coherence*Web with WebLogic Server in Administering HTTP Session Management with Oracle Coherence*Web.

For more about creating and deploying Coherence applications, see Developing Oracle Coherence Applications for Oracle WebLogic Server.