C Locations and Samples of Configuration Files

This section includes a list of configuration files and their default locations. This section also includes samples of the default configuration files that are installed on the system. Some default values such as locations and paths may vary.

C.1 Locations of Forms Configuration Files

Table C-1 lists the default locations of Forms configuration files on UNIX. The location of these files in Windows is similar.

Table C-1 List of Files and their Locations in Release 12.2.1

File Name Location in Release 12.2.1





































C.2 Forms Web Configuration File

The configuration file formsweb.cfg is used to set applet and servlet parameters used at runtime. Applet parameters in this configuration file are defined in the Forms template files located in $FORMS_INSTANCE/server. For more information on editing the files, refer to Section 4.2, "Configuring Forms Services".

C.3 Forms Environment Variable Configuration File

The configuration file default.env is used to set environment variables used at runtime. For more information on editing the files, refer to Section 4.3, "Managing Environment Variables".

C.4 web.xml

The web.xml file is the web application deployment descriptor file for forms Java EE application. This file is located at $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/WLS_FORMS/tmp/_WL_user/formsapp_12.2.1/<random_string>/war/WEB-INF/. Advanced users might want to edit the web.xml file to:

  • Enable extra testing options.

    If you are having difficulty running Oracle Forms in your Oracle Fusion Middleware installation, it can be useful to enable certain test options which are not usually enabled for security reasons. To use these options, edit the web.xml file to set the testMode frmservlet parameter to true. Then restart the Web server (or Oracle WebLogic Managed Server). The additional options are then visible on the Forms servlet administration page (which can be accessed at a URL like http://<your_web_server_hostname>:<port>/forms/frmservlet/admin).

  • Run Oracle Forms using static HTML pages (rather than the Forms servlet).

    When Oracle Forms applications are run using a method other than the Forms servlet (for example, static HTML pages, or JSPs), parameter settings in the formsweb.cfg file are not used. You may therefore need to define servlet parameters for the Listener Servlet, such as workingDirectory and envFile (specifying the current working directory for the Forms runtime processes, and the file containing environment settings to be used).

    Servlet mappings are defined in web.xml. Table C-2 describes some of the servlet mappings.

    Table C-2 web.xml Servlet Mappings

    URL Path Type Maps to Purpose


    Servlet mount point

    Forms servlet

    Generate HTML page to run a form


    Servlet mount point

    Forms Listener servlet

    Handles message traffic from the Forms applet

C.5 weblogic.xml

The weblogic.xml is the web application deployment descriptor file. This file is located at $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/WLS_FORMS/tmp/_WL_user/formsapp_12.2.1/<random_string>/war/WEB-INF.

C.6 forms.conf

In 12c, forms.conf defines WebLogic handler mappings for the Managed Server where the Forms Services applications are deployed. For more information, see the Section 3.2.3, "Oracle HTTP Listener Configuration File."

C.7 Registry.dat

Location: $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/servers/WLS_FORMS/applications/formsapp_12.2.1/config/oracle/forms/registry

This file enables you to change the default font, font mappings, and icons that Forms Services uses. Refer to Section 4.7, "Deploying Fonts, Icons, and Images Used by Forms Services" for more information.

C.8 jvmcontroller.cfg

A Forms application can be configured to use a specific JVM controller using the jvmcontroller parameter. This parameter is specified in formsweb.cfg. The parameters that are used by the JVM controller are specified in the JVM controller's configuration file, jvmcontrollers.cfg. This file is located at $FORMS_INSTANCE/tools/jvm/. For more information, refer to Section 10.8, "Managing JVM Pooling from Fusion Middleware Control".

C.9 webutil.cfg

The webutil.cfg file is one of the files used to configure WebUtil at run time. For more information on the file, see Section 3.2.6, "WebUtil Configuration Files and Template HTML Files." This file is located at $FORMS_INSTANCE/server/.

C.10 ftrace.cfg

The ftrace.cfg file is used to configure the various configure parameters used for diagnostics. It is located at $FORMS_INSTANCE/server/. For more information refer to Section 12.2, "Enabling and Configuring Forms Trace".