A Upgrading User Messaging Service from 11g to 12c

This appendix shows the location of the User Messaging Service (UMS) configuration files that are copied from the remote managed server nodes to the Admin server while upgrading UMS from 11g to 12c. The Upgrade Assistant automatically copies the remote configuration files, if all necessary prerequisites are met and the required login information is provided. For more information about using Upgrade Assistant to copy configuration files, see "UMS Configuration" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrading with the Upgrade Assistant.

Only if the Upgrade Assistant fails to automatically copy these files, you must manually copy the configuration files.

You must copy the configuration files from the remote managed server to the same location on the Admin server. The configuration files that must be copied includes, the UMS server configuration files (appconfig.xml, driver configuration files (driverconfig.xml), and the user preferences files (businessterms.xml). These files are located in the applications folder for each managed server, as shown in Table A-1.

After manually copying the configuration files from the managed server to the Admin server, you must run the Upgrade Assistant again.

Table A-1 Configuration File locations

Configuration file Location

UMS Server (appconfig.xml)


Driver Configuration (driverconfig.xml)


User Preferences (businessterms.xml)



If there are multiple drivers deployed in a domain, then you must ensure that configuration files for all drivers are copied. This can be achieved by replacing the <DRIVER_NAME> with as many drivers deployed in that domain.