4 Oracle WebCenter Content: Records

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle WebCenter Content: Records. It includes the following topics:

In addition to the information discussed here, see the chapter in this release note documentation concerning Oracle WebCenter Content. Issues which affect WebCenter Content may also affect Records.

4.1 General Issues and Workarounds

This section describes general issues and workarounds. It contains the following sections:

4.1.1 Using Firefox to Configure the Dashboard

"Drag and drop" functionality to move dashboard panels is not available when using the Firefox browser. Instead, you should remove the panel and re-insert a new panel in the proper location.

4.1.2 Setting Security Group for Retention Items

Items created for use in the Retention Schedule should have the security group set to recordsgroup rather than Public. If set to Public, non-URM users may have access to items in the Retention Schedule when performing standard searches.

4.2 Configuration Issues and Workarounds

This section describes configuration issues and workarounds. It contains the following sections:

4.2.1 Configuring RSS Reader for Dashboard

The following configuration variables should be set in the config.cfg file to configure the RSS Reader in the Dashboard.

If the Content Server is used behind a proxy server, the proxy address and port number must be set:

RssProxyServerAutoDetected= content server network's proxy address

You must also configure the proxy port for the content server network:

RssProxyPortAutoDetected=content server network's proxy port

4.3 Documentation Errata

This section describes changes in the documentation. It contains the following sections:

4.3.1 Additional FTP Option for Offsite Storage

The option to use sftp is now available (in addition to other options) as the FTP protocol when creating Offsite Storage. This was omitted from the documentation.