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Resource Types

All REST resources provided by the WebCenter Sites Aggregate REST API can be classified into the following types:

  • Singular Resource: A singular resource returns the response of a single entity in WebCenter Sites. It has a singular resource format.

  • Collection Resource: A collection resource is a group of singular resources. It has a plural resource format. For example, employees is a collection resource that includes all the individual employee singular resources.

    In WebCenter Sites, a collection resource supports pagination. A typical response format of a collection resource in WebCenter Sites follows:
    hasMore : A Boolean value. Tells whether there are more results. 
    totalResults : Total size of results in the collection. 
    count : Server-side pagination size.
    limit : Number of results fetched in the response.
    offset : starting index of the results.
    items : Array. Results are available here, and each result is a singular resource.
    links : Pagination links (next, prev, first, last) + links to self, canonical, and schema resources.