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Use Cases

Step through a typical use case using the WebCenter Sites Aggregate REST API, as summarized in the following table.

This table summarizes a typical use case for using the WebCenter Sites Aggregate REST API.
Task More Information
1. To access WebCenter Sites content in an aggregated fashion: The WebCenter Sites Aggregate REST API enables you to access the content of sites in an aggregated fashion. The response is according to Oracle standards. The user can even filter out the unwanted data in the response.
2. To develop a client-side website: The WebCenter Sites Aggregate REST API enables you to build a website rendered on the client side, using technologies that execute entirely in the browser client. Such websites include, but are not limited to, single-page applications. Rendering on client-site websites is particularly useful for highly interactive applications (or portions of websites) and mobile sites. Client-side rendering, in general, delegates the markup generation to client-side libraries while limiting the interactions between the client and server to just data elements, usually in the form of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Importantly, these services have additional features, such as aggregation, for the special needs of client-side rendering. They will reduce the number of server calls. A standalone sample website demonstrating the WebCenter Sites REST API capabilities is shipped as part of the WebCenter Sites installation download. See the instructions in the webcenter sites directory on how to configure this sample reference implementation.