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Configure and deploy Coherence on a single-server cluster

Before you begin

  • Create and package a Coherence Grid Archive (GAR) module for any application modules (Web Application, EJB, etc.) that use Coherence. See Packaging Coherence Applications.

For ease of use during development, a single-server cluster offers a quick way to start and stop a cluster. A single-server cluster is a cluster that is constrained to run on a single managed server instance and does not access the network. The server instance acts as a storage-enabled cluster member, a client, and (optionally) a proxy.

The main steps for configuring Coherence on a single-server cluster are:

  1. If you have not already done so, in the Change Center of the Administration Console, click Lock & Edit (see Use the Change Center).
  2. Create a Coherence cluster and select a managed server instance to be a member of the cluster. The AdminServer instance can be used to facilitate setup. See Create Coherence clusters.
  3. On the Summary of Coherence Clusters page, open the new Coherence cluster and set the Time To Live value to 0 if using multicast communication.

    For more information about communication for Coherence clusters, see Configure Cluster Communication.

  4. Configure the managed server instance associated with Coherence cluster as follows:
    1. Navigate to the Server > Coherence tab.
    2. Note that the Coherence Cluster drop-box list displays the Coherence cluster associated with the managed server. Also, the managed server will be a storage-enabled Coherence member (cache server) by default, as indicated by the Local Storage Enabled field.
    3. Set the Unicast Listen Address to an address that is routed to loop back. On most computers, setting the address to works.

      For more information about unicast settings for Coherence cluster members, see Configure Coherence Cluster Member Unicast Settings.

    4. Click Save.
  5. Deploy your EAR module that contains your Coherence GAR module. See Deploying Coherence Applications in WebLogic Server.

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