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Monitor EJBs

To monitor a deployed EJB:

  1. In the left pane of the Console, select Deployments.

    The table in the right pane lists the EJBs and other modules that you have deployed, or tried to deploy.

  2. Select Monitoring.
  3. Navigate through the available pages to view monitoring statistics for deployed EJBs, including:
    • Stateless session beans
    • Stateful session beans
    • Singleton session beans
    • Entity beans
    • Message Driven beans
  4. (Optional) On each page, click the Refresh icon to refresh the monitoring data.

    The data will refresh regularly until you click the icon again. The icon displays a circular animation to indicate that the Administration Console is periodically polling the server instance. To adjust the rate at which the Administration Console polls the server instance, see Configure the monitoring refresh rate.

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