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Configure JMS system module security policies

Before you begin

Create JMS system module security roles

Now that you have created a JMS module security policy, you need to define the conditions under which it applies.

To define a JMS module security policy:

  1. Expand Services > Messaging and select JMS Modules.
  2. On the Summary of JMS Modules page, select the JMS module that you want to configure.

    If the table is empty, refer to Configure JMS system modules.

  3. Click Security: Policies to open the Policies page.
  4. Under Policy Conditions, click Add Condition.

    The following prompt appears:

    Choose the predicate you wish to use as your new condition

  5. Choose a predicate from the list box. Typically, you will choose Group. When a group is used to create a security role, the security role can be granted to all members of the group (that is, multiple users). Click Next.
  6. The next steps depend on what you chose for your condition predicate.
    1. If you selected Group or User, enter one or more arguments that define the group or groups that should hold this role and click Finish.
    2. If you selected a time-constrained predicate, such as Access occurs between specified hours, select start and end times and a GMT offset and click Finish.
  7. If desired, repeat steps 8-10 to add expressions based on different role conditions.
  8. If necessary, use the buttons in the Role Conditions section to modify the expressions:
    1. The Move Up and Move Down buttons change the ordering of the selected expression.
    2. The Combine and Uncombine buttons let you merge or unmerge role conditions and switch the highlighted and and or statements between expressions.
    3. The Negate button allows you to make a condition negative; for example, NOT Group Operators excludes the Operators group from the role.
    4. The Remove button deletes the selected expression.
  9. When all the expressions in the Role Conditions section are correct, click Save.
  10. To activate these changes, in the Change Center of the Administration Console, click Activate Changes.
    Not all changes take effect immediately—some require a restart (see Use the Change Center).

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