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View Patching Workflow Details

In addition to the information displayed in the Workflow Progress table, you can view all details for a running or completed patching workflow from the Workflow Progress page. This includes the number of commands in the workflow, the number of completed commands, the next execution or revert step in the workflow, begin and end time of the workflow, and whether or not it is resumable.

To view the details of a patching workflows:

  1. In the Administration Console, click on the domain name under Domain Structure.
  2. On the Settings for domain_name page, select the ZDT Control tab.
  3. Select the Workflow Progress tab.

    The Worflow Progress table is displayed.

  4. In the Workflow ID column of the table, click the ID for the worfklow for which you want to view details.


The Worflow Details page is displayed.

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