Designing an Integration with the Adapter Configuration Wizard

You use the Adapter Configuration Wizard to add the Oracle Eloqua Cloud adapter to a SOA composite application or an Oracle Service Bus business service.

The Adapter Configuration Wizard consists of configuration pages that enable you to select the artifacts required to communicate with the Oracle Eloqua Cloud application. You can configure the adapter in the outbound (target) direction.

  • The Basic Info page prompts you to enter a meaningful name and optional description.

  • The Connection page prompts you to specify the security policy and authentication key to use. The authentication key is created by clicking the Add icon to specify the key name, Eloqua company name, user name, and password. You must also specify these same values in Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. For instructions, see the Oracle Cloud Adapters Postinstallation Configuration Guide.

  • The Operations page prompts you to select the accounts, contacts or custom business object and select the field the Oracle Eloqua Cloud adapter uses to match your data to its data. Choose a unique field to avoid updating the wrong record. To avoid errors, do not use a large text field. All fields in the Available section are selected by default. You cannot select only some of them.

  • The Summary page displays your selections for the outbound direction.

For information about the details to specify in the fields of the wizard pages, see Configuring Oracle Eloqua Cloud Connection Properties.