Oracle ERP Cloud

The Oracle ERP Cloud adapter enables you to create an integration with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications.

Oracle ERP Cloud enables you to streamline your enterprise business processes. Oracle ERP Cloud combines the power of a global business software suite with transactional and reporting capabilities that address financial, procurement, and project requirements across a range of business flows and countries. The complete and integrated suite transforms your organization through the latest social, mobile, and analytic technologies to optimize collaboration, process efficiency, and compliance while increasing insight into the business.

The Oracle ERP Cloud adapter enables you to easily integrate on-premises or SaaS applications with Oracle ERP Cloud without having to know about the specific details involved in the integration. The Oracle ERP Cloud adapter provides the following benefits:
  • Integrates easily with the Oracle ERP Cloud application’s WSDL file to produce a simplified, integration-centric WSDL.

  • Generates automatic mapping to the exposed business object or event subscription that you select during adapter configuration:
    • Business object: Represents a self-contained business document that can be acted upon by the integration. An integration can send requests to create a new record for that business object. They can send a request either to update or delete an existing record for a business object. Integrations can also send requests to retrieve information about one or more records representing that business object.

    • Event subscription: Represents an event document to which you subscribe. The event subscription is raised by the Oracle ERP Cloud application.

  • Automatically handles security policy details required to connect to the Oracle ERP Cloud application.

  • Provides standard error handling capabilities.

  • Enables you to map business objects that have polymorphic data structures.

For more information, see Configuring Oracle ERP Cloud Properties.