What's New

The following topics introduce the new and changed features of Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (Oracle BAM) and other significant changes that are described in this guide, and provide pointers to additional information.

This document is the new edition of the formerly titled User's Guide for Oracle Business Activity Monitoring. Information relevant to Oracle BAM that was in the Developing SOA Applications with Oracle SOA Suite and Administering Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite has been moved into this document.

New and Changed Features for 12c (

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring 12c ( includes the following new and changed features for this document.

  • Business views based on Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) Visualizations.

  • Integration with Oracle Stream Analytics to provide enhanced utilities for business views.

  • Zoom properties for Geo Maps.

  • Map Points properties for Point Theme and GPS Theme Geo Maps.

  • Circular and Horizontal Gauge Statusmeters as preview features.


Screens shown in this guide may differ from your implementation, depending on the skin used. Any differences are cosmetic.