Determining Current Patch Levels

Each Oracle home must be patched to the same version as OPatch to ensure that Oracle BI EE functions properly.

Use the OPatch lsinventory utility to determine the current patch version for any given Oracle home in the system. You can also use the utility to retrieve a full list of patches, with their corresponding IDs, for a given Oracle home.

To determine the current patch levels:

  1. Display a command window and navigate to the location of the OPatch executable:


  2. Run the lsinventory utility using the following command syntax:

    <Path_to_OPatch>/opatch lsinventory [-all] [-detail] [-patch] [-oh (Oracle home location)]

    For example:

    opatch lsinventory -patch -detail

    For information about the lsinventory options, see the user guides in the ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/docs directory.

  3. To run the lsinventory utility against other Oracle homes, repeat the previous steps for each Oracle home.

For more information, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Patching Guide.