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Get report definition



Get information about a report, such as the default template, output type, and a list of template IDs. With the list of template IDs, you can generate a report with a template other than the default


Path Parameters
Type: string
Required: true
URL encoded report path. e.g. If your report path is "/Sample Lite/Published Reporting/Reports/Balance Letter" then your encoded report path will be "%2FSample%20Lite%2FPublished%20Reporting%2FReports%2FBalance%20Letter"


Supported Media Types
  • application/json
200 Response
Returns report definition
Root Schema : ReportDefinition
Type: object
Nested Schema : listOfTemplateFormatsLabelValues
Type: array
Nested Schema : reportParameterNameValues
Type: array
Nested Schema : templateIds
Type: array
Passes the layout names of the report templates.
Nested Schema : TemplateFormatsLabelValues
Type: object
Nested Schema : listOfTemplateFormatLabelValue
Type: array
Contains the TemplateFormatLabelValue label-value pairs .
Nested Schema : templateAvailableLocales
Type: array
The available locale options defined for a template
Nested Schema : TemplateFormatLabelValue
Type: object
Nested Schema : ParamNameValues
Type: object
Nested Schema : listOfParamNameValues
Type: array
An array of ParamNameValue
Nested Schema : ParamNameValue
Type: object
Nested Schema : lovLabels
Type: array
If the parameter type is "Menu", specifies the values displayed in the list of values to the user.
Nested Schema : values
Type: array
Parameter values.