This graphic shows the Administration Areas of Process Workspace. In the Organization section in the left pane, the Parametric Roles item is selected. In the right pane, in the Parametric Roles list, an item labeled "My parametric role" is selected, and the corresponding Details panel appears to the right. In the Name field, "My parametric role" appears. The Parameters section is expanded to display an Add Parameter button and a Delete Parameter button. Immediately below these buttons is a table with two columns for Name and Type. There are two rows. The first specifies param1 for Name and String for Type. The second row specifies param2 for Name and String for Type.

Below the table, it says: "Include people that meet these conditions:". Below this is an Add Condition list with LOCATION selected. This is a previously specified extended user property. A first criterion labeled Grantees appears immediately below by default. There is a list from which Application Role is selected, to the right of it is a list from which OracleBPMProcessRolesApp is selected. The next cell to the right consists of a text field with an asterisk. A tool tip shows the list of defined parameters, each with a dollar sign ($) preceding it—thus, $param1 and $param2—from which you can select. Next, to the right, a spyglass icon labeled Select Application Role appears, followed by a red X labeled Delete Criteria Row. The next row is labeled LOCATION. The filter is "equals" and the value is ca.