3 Oracle Reports

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle Reports. It includes the following topics:

3.1 General Issues and Workarounds

This section describes general issue and workarounds. It includes the following topic:

3.1.1 Use JDBC thin connection format in reports server configuration

When using database as job repository or job status repository, JDBC thick connection urls in reports server configuration files will not work. Instead use JDBC thin connection urls. If connection is of JDBC thick connection format <property value="dbSid" name="dbconn"/> change it to JDBC thin connection format, for example, <property value="example.com:dbport:dbSid" name="dbconn" />.

3.1.2 In, Reports Admin pages are not available in the Enterprise Manager

In reports administration pages are not available in Enterprise Manager. As an alternative use Oracle Reports Servlet and Enterprise Manager MBean browser for reports administration. For more details, see the "Administering Oracle Reports Services Using Oracle Enterprise Manager" chapter in Publishing Reports to the Web with Oracle Reports Services.

3.1.3 Reports not starting when length of Oracle Home path is more than 64 characters

Oracle Reports executable may not start when length of oracle home path is more than 64 characters in Windows platform. To fix the issue, apply ARU patch number 19380012.