2.2 applyJRF

Use with WLST: Online or Offline


Configures a Managed Server or cluster with Oracle JRF. Managed Servers that are added by product templates during the template extension process do not need to be explicitly configured with JRF using this command.

Use the applyJRF command when additional Managed Servers or clusters are added to a domain after it is initially extended with a product template. The applyJRF command is required any time you add a Managed Server to a JRF-only domain, or if you add a Managed Server that has been configured for JRF to a domain that contains other Oracle products.


applyJRF(target, [domainDir], [shouldUpdateDomain])

Argument Definition

The name of the Managed Server or cluster to be configured with JRF applications and services.

A value of an asterisk (*) for the target indicates that all clusters and standalone Managed Servers should be configured with JRF.


The absolute path of the WebLogic Server domain.


An optional boolean flag that controls how domain updates are carried out. When you set it to true (the default), the function implicitly invokes the following offline commands: readDomain() and updateDomain(), or the online commands: edit(), startEdit(), save(), and activate().

When you set it to false, you must call WLST commands to update the domain.


The following example configures the Managed Server server1 with JRF:

wls:/offline> applyJRF('server1', '/my_path/user_templates/domains/my_domain')