The top half of this screen has a group of eight fields/check boxes on the left and two tables on the right. The eight items are, from top to bottom, a Driver drop-down list, a Service Name field, a Username field, a Password field, an Enable FAN check box, an Enable SSL check box, a Wallet File field, and a Wallet Password field. To the right, there is a three-column table with the following columns: Services Listener, Port, and Protocol. Under this table is a two-column table with the following columns: ONS Host and Port.

The bottom half of the screen contains a four-column table which lists the data sources for the domain and the configuration for each data source. There is a check box on the left side of each row to enable you to select the data sources you want to configure. The heading row of the table also has a check box on the left that you can use to select all data sources in the table.