This screen contains two columns: Services on the left and Targets on the right. There are two arrow buttons between the columns: right arrow in the top-middle and left arrow in the bottom-middle. These buttons are used to move services between the left and right columns. The Services column contains a folder for each available service type, such as JMS System Resource or Work Manager. Each folder is expanded to show the services for each service type. The Targets column contains a Cluster and Server folder. The Cluster folder lists all clusters in the domain. The Server folder lists all servers in the domain that are available for targeting. Additional folders are displayed under each cluster or server if services are assigned to those clusters or servers. Multiple folder levels may be shown, representing service types, for example, a JMS folder with a JMS System resource subfolder, or a Self Tuning folder with a Work Manager subfolder. Expanding the lowest-level folders displays the services that are assigned for each of the service types.